Banned From Hell are an Italian Melodic Death Metal band from Florence, formed in early 2011.

After various line-up changes, the band reached its current and definitive line-up, which recorded the first cd "Nightmare", followed by its tour.
The members of formation have take part of national and international tour with band as Metallica, Moonspell, Marylin Manson, Hammerfall, Disturbed, UFO, Dark Funeral, Kreator, Koma, Skunk Anansie, Breed 77 and many others, and they have receive excellent critique from fan and important media as MTV, Metal Hammer, Sol Musica, Heavy Rock, Rock news, etc.
Banned from Hell has been present as guests in the compilation "Italy Love Rock Vol.1", released in 4th May 2012, with many specials guests as Rezophonic, Velvet, Vallanzaska, Bologna Violenta, Nomorespeech con Alteria,If i die Today, Melody Fall and many others, and they have been review by major underground webzine as, rockambula, metalwave, punkadeka, ondalternativa, ecc.